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Short Bio

Eleonor Amora Marklund is a Swedish visionary, world changer and thought leader who has been in the forefront of the Conscious Movement for more than a decade.

She is a gifted entrepreneur and a spiritual teacher in her own Stellar Academy, where she is the creator of different popular spiritual programs online and offline.

After a near-death-experience, her psychic gifts magnified and she is now considered as one of the world’s leading experts in psychic self-defence and astral work, where she is often described as ”The Oracle” from the movie ”Matrix”. Being a gifted clairvoyant medical medium, she has created the popular healing modality Multidimensional Healing™, which has practitioners all over the world.

As a life path number 7,  her passion and life purpose is to share her wisdom, which she has succeeded with in her many best-selling international books.

Eleonor Amora is often described with humor as ”The Unfuckwithable” because of her fierce and powerful, yet loving Indigo energy.

Extended Bio

Eleonor Amora Marklund is a a world-renowned influencer and founder of The Church of the Conscious Movement in Sweden where she has changed the rules of living through the laws on religious freedom in the Nordic countries.

Previously, she organized and produced events for world-renowned names such as the famous Japanese water scientist Dr Masaru Emoto, but for the past decade she has focused on her own Stellar Academy & Stellar Travelswhere she mainly teaches Multidimensional Mediumship™ while empowering spiritually gifted individuals in becoming kick-ass psychics that control’s every frequency and dimension.

She is very committed to a sustainable and ecological lifestyle, and is happy to explain in her role as a teacher how it affects our energy system and energy bodies. In all her trainings she shares basic knowledge about how everyone should take responsibility for their own energies, so that they are able to control their energy fields and stand in their own power!

With her warm and spontaneous way of teaching so that everyone understands, Eleonor Amora is a very popular international life teacher who from the heart when the participants whether it is hundreds of people in large halls or single in small and small care. She has her feet on the ground and her gaze in the sky, and that is exactly the balance she wants to permeate everything she does. In her younger years, she stood with one foot in both worlds, until she decided to integrate these into one and the same.

Eleonor Amora is the author of many international best-sellers such as Empire Moms, Phoenix  and Awakening – Meet the Women Birthing a New Earth (upcoming July ’20) via AMA Publishing, in addition to the Swedish book series on alternative health in which she has been a co-writer. Other upcoming books are the The Future of Human kind – the Spiritual Evolution that soon exists both as a regular book, e-book and audiobook in Swedish, as well as The Spiritual Flytrap – A Wakeup call for Empaths, which will be launched internationally in her own publishing company UNFUCK Publishing in the summer of 2020.

In her spare time, she loves breeding their beautiful and magical horses with the prefix Stellar at the family’s own stud farm, where they also have approved horse keeping by the County Administrative Board.

She originates from Ostersund, Sweden, with her husband and children. They travel across the world in the spirit of world schooling, while offering online programs and spiritual retreats.

Testimonials from very satisfied clients and participants from all over Scandinavia to New Zealand, USA, England, Ireland, Holland and Poland shows that her life work is appreciated around the globe.


f you’ve ever felt the desire to be a mother and create a business that fulfills you and serves the world, this book is for you.

Many women struggle with guilt when it comes to pursuing desires that are beyond the joys and responsibilities of motherhood. Some feel like if they are successful in business they will be failing as a mother, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

In Empire Moms, women share their journey of how they simultaneously rock motherhood and entrepreneurship.


History claims the phoenix began as a common bird that’s nest caught on fire by the hand of a god-like figure. As the fire started to consume the bird, instead of suffering, she decided to dance in the flames. Eventually, the fire reduced the bird to ashes, but this was not the end of that bird. She recognized her ending was actually a beginning, a resurrection.