Hi, I am Eleonor Amora.


Are you ready to feel the freedom of not absorbing the emotions from others? It works 100%. Discover a New Way of Living for High Sensitive Persons and Empaths!


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Are you ready to STAND OUT in the crowd?

Do you want to be in a best-selling Multi-Author book or should we help you publish your own best-seller?

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Are you ready to UNFUCK yourself?

I am not any ordinary intuitive coach. Not the love and light crap. The leaders pay for my genius!

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Stellar Academy was founded in 2010 and we have students from all over the world. 

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Rapid changes in breathtaking scenery. Days like these make an imprint of ‘before’ and ‘after’.



I just had Eleonor on my podcast and she was incredible! There were so many golden nuggets for those who are looking to manage and maintain their energy field, heighten their level of consciousness, and align with the source to help them achieve their dreams. Eleonor is clearly the master in her field and is serving the world in a big way. Thanks again Eleonor!!

Tyson Sharpe
Awaken Your Business Podcast | Business Coach | Mindset Coach

I interviewed Eleonor for my podcast. She is very professional and knowledgeable in many areas of psychic mediumship. Eleonor is driven to help others and make a difference in the world. Eleonor is a positive inspiration to others and especially women. She is a true healer and role model. I would recommend her teachings and written work to anyone.

Dylan Thomas
In Search of Reality Podcast

A shoutout to real deal world changer and TRUE SOUL influencer, my friend and co-author. She really understands that when a woman has been chosen to change the world she absolutely MUST take responsibility and position herself to REACH AND INFLUENCE MILLIONS with her message!!! She writes books, speaks on podcasts, contributes her voice and doesn't shy away from aligned opportunities to reach and influence millions of people globally. This is true commitment ladies and gentlemen... Eleonor, I salute you!

Alex Her
Best-Selling Author | Digital Media Strategist | Editor in Chief at #fabrpreneurMAG

I had my first guidance with Eleonora a few days ago. Despite a globe between us, she was incredibly clear-sighted, not only on my situation in life but also on the needs of my body; everything from nutritional needs to energy balances and chakra blocks. She had an explanation for my hearing becoming worse, my lack of inner strength becoming weaker, and my love relationship which felt confusing. I like to go to different healers and mentors and often find that they help, but the guidance with Eleonora was so in-depth, clear, intuitive and beyond what I have ever experienced before that it deserves to be commented upon. A one-of-a-kind experience worth every penny.

Yoga Teacher

It's hard to describe my individual VIP- days with Eleonor. I didn't know what to expect when I went there and I had not fully landed in everything I was involved with when I left home. The days with Eleonor were life-changing and crucial. I gained in-depth knowledge of myself, my life backpack and how my body carries my old wounds and channels everything I've been through in life. Eleonor has an incredible sharpness and picks up on what is important and crucial to being able to move on. Eleonor has the ability to see things you barely understood yourself and she does it in an instant. I have the utmost respect for Eleonor's psychic capabilities. With warmth and clarity, Eleonor has helped me to a new level, both in my personal and professional life. It's been almost a year since I was with Eleonor and pieces of the puzzle still fall into place. More and more, I understand how incredibly important the days with Eleonor have been.

Professional Coach

I have met many spiritual teachers but Eleonor stands out in the crowd. She is genuine, and a true inspirer on many levels. I'm just so glad that I chose this course and that I was privileged to have Eleonor as a teacher!

Earth Mother

Eleonor is phenomenal in finding what it is that does not work physically in your body and what you need to do to heal. It does not matter if it is injuries, pain, organ imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, trauma or other blockages. I have had some imbalances in my body that have created physical problems. Despite massive efforts from various directions, I could not come to terms with them. Eleonor was able to read directly what was the fault, the reason for it, and then give me advice on various efforts I needed to make to fix everything. Eleonor is now my own private house doctor.

Karin Tydén
Mind Hacker

Eleonor is a joy to work with. She radiates warmth and kindness with a heart to not only serve but learn. I had her on my podcast and she shared a great deal of information on energy management and embracing your dreams.

Dominique Brightmon
Going North Podcast


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