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with Eleonor Amora

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"Before you heal someone, ask him if he's willing to give up the things that make him sick." - Hippocrates 

That saying works for everything in personal development. My ideal client is committed to change and to growth, with high ambition and drive. How committed are you to yourself? 

If you waited for a sign, this is it.
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People often know who they have the potential to be. The challenge is seeing that process through. Especially since reaching our dreams might be what scare us the most, how strange as that sounds. But what may be even scarier, is to never reach that dream..

The first step to making it real is to email me ( and book an appointment or use my time sheet to book it right away!
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Self-development is an art. My job is to teach you to transform your gifts and to find your Life Purpose.

When You Control Your Field - You Control Your Life! That way you can choose where to focus and channel our energy, with amazing results! 

Are you ready for that change?
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I can help you with

Finding out who you were all along - before your light was dimmed
1:1 Coaching

Are you ready for change? Have you made your decision?  Then you have come to the right person!

Self Development

I offer many popular online classes and programs in Spirituality and Energy Control through my own Stellar Academy.

Mentorship Programs

I have two different mentorship programs: UNFUCK Mentorship & UNFUCK Mentorship Hardcore. Which one do you choose?


When you don't have time for making anymore excuses!

UNFUCK your life

Money, time and location is what most people see as freedom. I can show you how to create abundance in these areas! I can show you the patterns of your past - and how to break free from them


I offer 1:1 sessions, mentorship programs and VIP-days. Make a commitment to yourself - the rest of the world has an obligation to heal themselves too! It always has to start with YOU! You are allowed to be a bit egoistic with me.


Control your field to control your life!! It is that simple, or do you enjoy being entangled with all your ex-lovers energy fields?


I could write: "Understand your life purpose and how to get to your goals with the gifts you were given!" and I would sound like every coach ever. So hey, it all comes down to this: Do you want to be happy? Live a life of purpose and passion? Then I'm your girl.

How quick do you want change to happen ?

This is for the ones who have decided to stop procrastinating!

This is the online training program that gives you the first steps toward being independent. If you are not in control of this, then you get affected by everyone else’s energies, since you are absorbing them unconsciously. Isn’t it time to stop that now? Control your energy field to control your life! 

This coaching is made through Zoom or Skype. The sessions are 50 minutes long.

I have two different mentorship programs: UNFUCK Mentorship & UNFUCK Mentorship Hardcore. Which one do you choose? During these programs you get 1:1 coaching, psychic protection, the online training AND email support.

These days are popular with leaders, CEO:s and individuals with official positions. You get to meet me IRL for 3 days (between 10 am to 5 pm). Where, depends where I am in the world at the moment. It is also possible for me to travel to your location.


"What a diff'rence a day made - Twenty-four little hours"


This includes:

  • Auric Core Field Training Online
  • Session: minimum 4 x 60 minutes (once/week)
  • Psychic protection
  • Email support


This includes:

  • Auric Core Field Training Online
  • Session: minimum 12 x 60 minutes (once/week)
  • Psychic protection
  • Email support


YOU are important for us! 

We can tailor every thing around your specific needs depending on your private or work situation. 

UNFUCK your life with me!


The spice that makes the difference!


An advanced way of using your psychic gifts created by Eleonor Amora. She sees through the veils of illusion and connects to other realms and with your spiritual team. The perfect way to understand your life purpose and parallell lifetimes.


An advanced healing modality created by Eleonor Amora. The healing is enhancing the clients own energy frequency, by removing all layers that have dimmed their light. Energy parasites, nanotechnology, implants et c are removed during the healing.


Eleonor Amora is The Expert to turn to in the spiritual field when it comes to psychic attacks and energy cleaning of homes and properties from negative entities. This can be done online, just as everything else when it comes to energy work.


Are you committed to yourself? Welcome!

Zoom or Skype works Worldwide

- just as I do! (I am fluent in English & Swedish)

Online Classes

- in your own pace!

Mentorship Programs

- for rapid change!