Who is Eleonor Amora?

Emerging The Empowered Warrior From Within

Indigos are here to change the world and we’ve got no time to waste. When people learn the skills to read and control their energy, they stop being victims and step into their power as warriors. Through expert guidance they can become an unstoppable force in liberating mankind from ignorance and oppression.

My part in the ascension of the Earth is to share my wisdom and my memories, to activate people’s spiritual inheritance and latent potential in order to create the best possible outcome of the future.

Meet Eleonor Amora, the Kick-Ass Multidimensional Psychic

I am Change. Personified.

I’ve been clairvoyant since birth. And on a human level, I’ve been to hell and back. That’s how I found my gift. 

Many decades ago I attempted suicide. When my physical body stopped breathing, I crossed the veil. From the veil, my being was absorbed into the Void, and there a profound transformation and awakening occurred. The scattered pieces of my soul and the pain that led to my suicide attempt, was healed when I saw the birth of the Multiverse, and the birth of my own Soul. My spiritual gifts became magnified as my Divine Self and previous incarnations became integrated in my physical body. 


I chose to bring my gifts back with me to my body in this lifetime. This is where my most foundational teachings come from. 

What do I believe?

✨You are more powerful than you know, and capable of achieving complete freedom on all levels.

✨Time, space, and all beings are interlinked through the Multidimensional Cosmic Web

✨Until Indigos and empaths learn to control their energy they are easy victims for psychic predators

✨You are in charge of your reality, your energy, and your spiritual field. Once you know this, you can break free from victimhood and codependency

People are waking up from their deep slumber which makes it impossible to slide back into amnesia again 

✨I am 100% certain that you have within you the power to control and create your own reality. You are a sovereign being! And you deserve the highest level of support to learn how to use this power to experience true freedom.

Many in the spiritual community teach to only focus on the light and the love, but for us to move forward, we also need to work with the shadows and the darkness of our history.

At the center of my work is a sophisticated understanding of energy. Everything is made of energy, a flowing system of movement, just like breathing and blood circulation. Illness and other imbalances are caused by blockages in the natural movement of life force.

Energy is indestructible. We can only redirect where it should take its expression. 

Wellness is sustained by ensuring that the energy flows freely.

My mission is to ensure that my personal clients activate their natural abilities without creating new imbalances through initiations and psychic implants. 

Through one-on-one coaching they receive white-glove support, catering to their unique gifts and challenges. My private clients experience regular energy readings, past life regressions, and psychic attunements from the most sought-after expert in the field.

It is through personalized guidance, practices, and transmissions that they are able to break free from the amnesia of incarnation and remember the power path of their eternal soul. 

It is not until we reach the critical mass of numbers waking up to their inner potentials and remembering who they truly are, that we can create the new structure of our society. 

About my approach

Since everything is energy, a person can create anything if they know how to bend the light and darkness.

By shifting the focus in my vision, I’m able to look between the worlds and through the physical body to clearly see imbalances. I follow these multidimensional energy lines with my eyes and inner vision, between people, across landscapes, multiple dimensions, and the Universe itself.

Often mental, physical, and emotional problems come from our energy bodies being out of balance. This is because until people learn the secret tools for releasing stuck energy, they habitually store negative emotions and memories in the body. 

This leaves Indigos and other highly sensitive empaths feeling like they’re open season for psychic predators. They fall prey to codependent relationships, narcissistic entanglements, energetic parasites, spiritual burnout, Kundalini psychosis, and even sleep paralysis.

No cookie-cutter meditation program will work for gifted people like these. They need top-shelf, exclusive coaching, tailored to their unique composition. No matter how many classes they try, sooner or later they realize the only thing that can unlock the truth of their incarnation is personal guidance from a master.

We must make magic out of our challenges, to bring our gifts into the worlds of beyond and back.

Profound realizations have risen to the surface of my consciousness since my own Awakening. I was given a vision of my True Self, who’d once been a part of sharing the mastery of the laws of the Universe in the ancient times of the golden age in Atlantis. When I beheld this vision, I understood that the Soul is more beautiful, exquisite, and powerful than I’d ever imagined.

I’ve had thousands of lifetimes and incarnations across multiple universes. I’ve always been the one committed to the spiritual awakening and ascension of different solar systems and galaxies. 

My name was Amora, and I was a member of an ancient group of beings not known to Man. We lived eons away from our true home which was not a physical place any longer but rather a frequency of sound. 

The collective coexisted in peace and togetherness. We shared an understanding of Universal laws, all of us mastering our natural ability to communicate telepathically with all living beings.

Everywhere there was a natural feeling of reverence for all living things.


When Atlantis fell, we were thrown into an era of darkness and lower frequency. This tragic shift prevented us from noticing the many beings who existed at a higher frequency than us.


We became easy to manipulate, trapped in a Matrix that stripped us of our ability to travel through the cosmic grid to other dimensions. We were no longer able to move between lives, which meant that we were always born again on Earth. Humans lost all recollection of who they were, and what they were meant to do during their incarnation.


There are many spiritually-connected people on the planet who did not forget the fall of Atlantis. For us, it’s our life purpose to awaken as many as possible to their true origin and life path.


As part of my re-awakening I integrated my spiritual name Amora since that is the name I’ve been using for many incarnations. I’ve used this name through my galactic experience and ascension work across the Multiverse.


So you see, I take my clients seriously when they ask about reincarnation. Past life awakening is real, and a potent source of empowerment.


As Amora, I am hopeful for the future of humankind.

During this lifetime, I’ve spent thirty years perfecting my practice. I’m regarded around the world as the #1 expert in energy work, for my ability to see the Universe itself, and for the profound transformation that my work has made in the lives of others. 


As an Indigo myself, I am a warrior on a mission to help other highly sensitive individuals to break free from ignorance, oppression, and limiting belief systems. 


I’m here to show each and every one of my proteges that their true path means: no more giving away power, no more feeding psychic predators, no more believing that you’re small and helpless. You have the power to take charge of your life, understand your reincarnation, and fulfill your responsibility to the collective awakening. Give yourself the support you need to rise to step up to the plate.