Have you experienced a sudden Awakening?

Did you have the typical example of an AWAKENING?

You were working in the CORPORATE WORLD, when you suddenly felt the UNIVERSE and knew that you had to reinvent your whole life.

You are what I often call a Newborn.

❤️I LOVE that you feel the connection!
❤️I LOVE that you want to do something meaningful with your life!
❤️I LOVE that you have found a new purpose!
❤️I LOVE that you feel the dimensions around you!

Have you ever seen a Vampire movie?
With the Newborns being much stronger and much more intense?

That is you. In the sense that suddenly all the dimensions are connected to you. And all the inputs from them are coming to you.

From having lived a quiet boring life, you realize that the Universe sings and that you can see the past and the future, and find answers you never even knew there was a question to before.

But, we need to get you under control.


Because this is the textbook example of psychic psychosis. It can evolve into a real psychosis and also into something that the doctors would classify as schizophrenia.

That is when all the voices are in your head at the same time, and you can’t find your own.

So please, listen to me when I am saying this to you.

Being a psychic means being in control of the energy inputs.
Not having them control you.


That is what I teach, and what I train my coaching clients in.

Because I want you to live a great life.

Being 100% you!