Is your EX still in your VAGINA?

Have you ever felt like you can’t get your ex out of your mind? 

It could be because of the fact that he is still in your body!


(If you are like me, you get a sudden urge to run to the shower when thinking about your ex and wondering if he is still in your energy system and your vagina! But let’s not do that and continue to read instead!)

As an international expert in the field of energy work, I have worked with thousands of clients around the globe, and this is a common problem that many aren’t even aware of until I point it out for them.

Everyone has a physical body and an etheric energy field. This consists of different layers of energy bodies and chakras. You can see the different layers as like the layer of an onion, and they all have different properties; emotional, mental, et c.

As an empath, we tend to act as a human sponge unless we are aware of how the energy field works. What then happens is that we absorb other people’s feelings – and that we hold on to other people’s energies. As a result, the energy of other’s gets all mixed up in our energy system, and what affects the energy system has a domino effect in the physical body…

In the perfect world, that wouldn’t matter, because everyone would be happy and balanced, just as you would. In this version of the world, though, it can affect us badly. Especially if you, just like many other empaths, has a pattern of codependency and just loves the bad boys and narcissists. (That is another story though, because narcissist feed of the energy systems of empaths!)

What we also must understand is that when women have sex with someone, we open both our root chakra and sacral chakra when we invite our partners into our bodies and energy system. The chakras then act as portals, and women are often embracing the energies of their lovers.

When it comes to the physical organ the vagina cleans itself, although are actual studies that show that male epithelial cells shed during sexual intercourse, and that they are detected in a woman up to 15 days after unprotected sex.

We must be aware of both the physical and the energetic level to get rid of his traces in your system, and this is how it is done:


There are many steps to control your energy field like a pro, but the first step is to realize that you have an energy field, and that he is still in it. 

Energy flows where the thought goes, and you could have both invited him back when thinking of him – and thinking of him because he was already in the field. We want to take care of both those issues ultimately, but we have to focus on one thing first!

This is one of the visualization exercises that is simple and basic. Remember – we control our energies with our mind. 

Close your eyes, and center yourself. Try to quiet the mind. Imagine that your energy field (aura) has a color and that it appears in the form of a drop on a white paper.

I want you to notice this:

🔺THE COLOR: Is it just your color there, or are there other colors too?

🔺THE SHAPE OF THE COLOR: Is your color scattered, or does it have the shape of a nice bubble with a strong border.

🔺First, draw back your color so that all your color is collected in your field around you, and try to put it inside of a thought circle. Then you imagine that you push away all the colors that are not your own. Push them away far from your body, out of your system, outside the circle.

(It doesn’t matter if you change color in the meantime, or realize that you have a different color shade, what matters is that you draw your color inwards and push away all the other colors. This exercise shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, after that you are good to go! Do it several times if needed. When my students get their exercises, it takes about 2 months until controlling their whole energy system.)


Your vagina is like a garden. It contains an army of good bacteria which help to keep the vagina healthy. We want our vagina to open and up release every memory of our partner, but not with force and not with products that will harm this sensitive eco system. 

Vaginal Steaming is a gentle, seated herbal steam that allows warmth and healing properties of soothing and medicinal herbs to permeate the exterior of the vagina and perineum.

Some online stores sell special chairs that you can sit on with an opening (no, it is not a toilet) but if you can crouch over a bowl with hot water, that is OK too. Visualize when you do this that every cell that comes from your ex is leaving your body during the steaming. If you can, meditate. Focus on your wonderful strong body, and that you are free of everyone’s and anyone’s energies.

The secret is to let the steam from the hot water and the beneficial herbs go up to your vagina, which then cleanses and heals it. Sit for as long as there is steam coming up from the water, or for as long you can crouch! Don’t overdo this – remember, your vagina has a wonderful eco system we don’t want to intervene with too much. 

🔺 There are many different herbal blends suited for this, and if you can get hold of some newly picked rose petals, lavender or chamomile flowers that would be lovely since those flowers are excellent to use. If you live in the city – buy some organic herbal blend tea (caffeine and fluoride free)! Holy basil is also perfect for this. Remember to see first if you are allergic to any of these ingredients!

NB! Never do a vaginal steam when you’re pregnant or think you may be pregnant.If you have genital piercings, take them out, otherwise the metal may heat up and may cause burns.

When you get rid of the water, you can make a ceremony out of it and say thank you for the moments you had together with your ex. Then decide to let him go and release him energetically. 

It makes wonders! 

Wishing you the best and wishing you freedom to create the life you deserve!



Eleonor Amora Marklund, #1 Best-Selling Author, International Spiritual Teacher in her own Stellar Academy and Expert in the Human Energy Field & Psychic Self-Defense 

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