The God Complex in the Healing industry

Sometimes it feels like a kindergarten in the spiritual world.

Healers who take weekend courses without any major knowledge before the class and who afterwards try their hand at everything from energy transplants of organs to redirecting large energy flows in their clients’ bodies.

Many people know how I have criticized the Aura Transformation-grouping before because their mediator has learned that they should redirect the energy flows to the heart chakra, so that the other chakras should no longer be active or “exist”, as they claim.

This particular post will not address the fact that one cannot erase chakras or disable them, but it will address the fact that energy systems are created in a certain way for a reason.

In my opinion, it does not take a brain surgeon to understand that a chakra is made for one kind of energy flow and in an optimal amount, movement and speed.

Just like with our breathing, you can regulate it to a certain amount without dying, but you cannot stop breathing – right?

How good do you think you feel if you try to breathe with the help of a compressed air machine from the workshop? Not so good – right?

Chakras are created to interact with our various organs. The heart chakra interacts with the physical heart and exists not only as a diffuse cloud in a higher dimension, but it is integrated with the organ of the physical body. Nowadays, you can also measure the heart’s energy field.

If you then as a healer reduce energy flows in the body so that all the flows of chakras go to one – as in this case the heart chakra – then it means that there is an enormous flow for which the physical organ is not adapted.

What happens then is that the organs of the physical body break down in the worst case. It has happened far too many times with Aura Mediators and Aura Transformed, where I know of many who have had to choose between a heart transplant or a pacemaker.

That percentage is much higher than what this problem constitutes in the population as a whole. Heart palpitations and a disturbance in the heart rhythm are also not what a few had problems with after an Aura Transformation, but far too many!

This must be discussed – and this must be made visible as a major problem.

Chakras and healing are not toys or fantasies that can be tampered with in any way. It’s something very real.

To all of you who tinker with your clients’ bodies and energy bodies – stop.

They are created with just that frequency for a reason and their physical body is intoned on it, when they were created.

There are very few healers who are so clairvoyant that they actually see what they are doing, while changing the energy system. Stop doing what someone else said to you, if you cannot see for yourself what you are doing!

And for those of you who choose healer – do not choose anyone. Choose those who can.

You are perfect. You just have to remember who you are.

You do not need a lot of energy implants, initiations and other things to reach any higher knowledge or frequency. On the contrary.

You need to remove layers of unnecessary patterns for your own frequency to shine through more clearly.

/Eleonor Amora Marklund, multiple international best-selling author and creator of Multidimensional Healing™