Nano Technology and healing

Frequency medicine and healing is not particularly strange, because all solid matter is of different frequencies just like anything else around us (sunlight, ultraviolet light, infrared light, etc.).

Some clairvoyants can see people’s energy fields with the naked eye, and some use their inner vision.

Just as science has begun to understand in the recent centuries, there are bacteria and viruses in physical form – but for us who work with frequency medicine and healing, we can tell that they are naturally also in different frequencies, as well as going in and out of shape in the three-dimensional reality.

During the last decade, I have seen a significant increase in nanotechnology and implants as I provide healing, which means that I see them in the energy field.

This means that it is incumbent upon healers to go one step further in what they are doing now; we need to remove this now on our clients, and we need to give health advice on how to strengthen our energy fields so that these do not affect us as much.

In the 19th century it was about learning to wash your hands, not to empty your chamber pot on the streets and to eat better food. Quite simply, the basic hygiene that everyone now thinks is the most normal.

But how many keep it hygienic when it comes to its energy field?
And how many even know that they have an energy field?

There are many ways to do this, which I teach about in many of my courses and programs, but it’s actually about starting to understand the holistic approach to health.

Just as you need a doctor/physician you trust for your physical body, you also need a healer who can see this and help you understand how everything is connected. At present, I only let my own students work with my energy field, because there are so few other healers who understand the whole, and who can go in with the focus required to remove what I mentioned above.

By strengthening both diet and energy fields, the body can handle everything better – whether it is regular flu viruses or frequency bacilli, as well as psychic attacks with implants and various other things.

Remember to have good hygiene; control your energy field so that it does not absorb other energies as easily, and use various tools to strengthen it such as obsidian, sugulite and other crystals that are actually very effective … even if you cannot circumvent your own responsibility with the mental and energy hygiene, just as it is not enough that you buy the soap at the grocery store – you have to use it too.

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Eleonor Amora Marklund, #1 Best-Selling Author, International Spiritual Teacher in her own Stellar Academy and Expert in the Human Energy Field & Psychic Self-Defense